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The Price of Legacy

Wrestling With a Dynasty

The most prolific winning streak in all of sports belongs to the Perry Wrestling Program in Perry, OK.


But how is a legacy created?  What is the cost of keeping it alive?  For the town of Perry, OK, values such as character, grit, determination and work ethic symbolize its history and have created its immense success. This small town of 5,000 was established during the Land Run in 1893 and is home to one of the most prestigious and important manufacturing companies in the world - Ditch Witch. 


But ultimately, Perry is defined by its chosen sport of wrestling.  Perry is home to the most celebrated and nationally recognized high school wrestling program in the United States. It has been called the Wrestling Capital of the World and rightly so.  It is a century old wrestling dynasty and its records are virtually unmatched.


Perry is the home of Olympic Champion Jack Van Bebber, Olympic Silver Medalist Danny Hodge, 2x WWE World Champion Jack Swagger (Jake Hager), NCAA Champions and All Americans and hundreds of State Champions. 


And, part of its legacy is a monumental 59 year streak of winning Oklahoma State Wrestling Championships. Since 1961, Perry has never gone more than two years without winning a team state championship.


During the 2016-17, the program is struggling and in a title drought. The team must win in order to preserve the epic and historic streak. Decades of sacrifice, accomplishment, pain and glory are on the line again at the 2017 OK State Wrestling Tournament. Will Perry’s identity be shattered if they don’t win?  Will Perry still be Perry? 


For a town that has accomplished so much, how reliant is it on the success of the wrestling team keeping the streak alive? The film The Price of Legacy: Wrestling with a Dynasty will answer these questions in a visually-stunning and emotionally inspiring way. 

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Currently, our team has achieved picture lock. Soon, the film will be sent for color correction, sound optimization and the addition of music. A summer 2020 release date is expected so stay tuned for another update!





The story of Perry, Oklahoma, and The Price of Legacy: Wrestling with a Dynasty revolves around the people and athletes of Perry who made it what it is.


The courageous and adventurous settlers who risked everything for a new future during the Land Run in the late 1800's. The kids, coaches and Perry alums who built and have sustained a wrestling dynasty. The icons, who's tales of sacrifice and achievement are as legendary as their reputation. Former wrestlers who have gone on to fame and success. Store owners, ranchers, and the people who turned Ditch Witch into a global brand. Heroes, survivors, and even those who's dreams were crushed.  


The Price of Legacy: Wrestling with a Dynasty is about legacy and tradition; the men and women, the coaches and teammates, the fathers and mothers, the brothers and sisters and the teachers and mentors who have wrestled with a dynasty for the last century and have won. 


Danny Hodge - Olympic Silver Medalist and 3x undefeated NCAA Champion at Oklahoma University. He is a legendary wrestling icon regarded as the greatest all-around wrestler in history. Danny is the only amateur wrestler to be featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated and the sport's equivalent of the Heisman Trophy is named after him. 

Jack Van Bebber - Olympic Gold Medalist and 3x undefeated NCAA Champion at Oklahoma State University.  One of the first Olympic Gold Medalists in the United States.

Jack Swagger (Jake Hager) - 2x WWE World Champion and former Perry wrestler.


The twelve coaches who turned the Perry wrestling program into a winning machine. 


Ditch Witch founders and the workers who invest the sweat equity to make it a company Fortune Magazine called one of the most important of the 20th century. 


Former Perry wrestlers who built the foundation of a dynasty. 


Parents, friends and family members of wrestlers who have shared the task and responsibility of keeping an unfathomable winning streak alive. 


Business owners who have kept a town alive for well over 100 years. 


The 2016-17 Perry Wrestling team members desperately trying to keep a 59 year old streak alive.

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